I lead the Support Operations team at Vimeo

We use goals from leadership, data from existing workflows, and an empathetic approach with the people who use the product to design innovative solutions. Depending on the user, those solutions could be new processes, cleaner documentation, or a spec for a custom app (built by our fabulous engineer).

I act as a bridge, building systems to connect folks who have information to those that could use that information — in my work, that’s usually Vimeo users on one end and product managers or customer success agents on the other, but I’d like to apply that design process to challenges in Citizen Science, between volunteers and scientists or policy makers.

Whether I’m working with an agent providing personalized help, an engineer looking to solve an issue that requires the perspective of a customer, or a product designer wondering what features to modify next — I used design thinking to solve the varied problems related to collecting quality information.

Drop me a line — I love talking shop.